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ASK Trade Account and White Labelled Website Terms and Conditions

At ASK we don't like pages and pages of terms and conditions and small print and much prefer to keep it simple so our Ts & Cs on this are:

Granting trade and reseller accounts, discounts and free samples are subject to us approving your account application and is totally at our discretion.

Our Free Samples are for Promotional Purposes only and are not for Resale.

Our Prestige and Standard Trade Discounted Accounts are designed for Professional Photographers, Design Studios, Printers and Creative Agencies.

Our Prestige Trade Account is subject to you signing up to and using a Free White Labelled Online Photography Print Shop on our Platform.

This Online Shop we setup and provide Free of Charge to you, host it for free, and brand it completely in your name, with your logo.

Our Prestige Trade Account is subject to a minimum of £1000 a year being spent with us a year. If £1000 is not spent after one year we have the right to either turn off the the site or agree a small fee to keep it running for a further year. There will NEVER be a fee charged without your agreement in advance.

The reason we have set this £1000 minimum spend is to stop people taking a free site but use us just as a free cloud storage resource without spending any money with us.

If we approve you for a Prestige Trade account we reserve the right to alter the discount percentage we offer you in subsequent years if you do not spend £1000 in a year.

So come and join the ASK revolution by applying today