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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there ever a Fee charged for a White Labelled shop?
A: No not unless you choose to pay one. We set up and host the photography shop for you completely free of charge. We do build in a minimum annual target of £1000 into the contract. The reason we do that is to protect us from just being used as a free cloud storage photo resource without anything being ordered. If £1000 of sales do not go through the system in a year all that happens is we give you a choice of switching the shop off or paying a small annual fee to keep it live for a further year.

Q: If I don't want to take a White Labelled Site can I still get a Trade Discounted Account?
A: Yes. If you don't take a Prestige Trade Discounted Account with a White Labelled shop, you can still apply for a 25% Standard Trade Discounted Account.

Q: Your Prestige Account has a £1000 minimum annual spend requirement, what happens if I don't achieve this?
A: It costs us money to maintain each white labelled online shop. If you do not spend that with us you have two options at the end of year 1:
a) To keep your online shop for a further year for a £199 + VAT charge.
b) Or to give up the shop and move down to a Standard Trade Account with a 25% Trade Discount

Q: How many pages do I have to have in my photo book?
A: Hardback lay flat photo books need to be a minimum of 16 pages otherwise they are too small to bind. Standard Coffee Table books or Softback books require a minimum of 24 pages to bind, although we recommend at least 32 so the book isn't too thin.

Q: I already have a website, how do I link your software shop to it?
A: Very easily. You setup a sub domain and we host your shop on the sub domain, for example and we provide a link back to your brochure or word press site.

Q: How quickly do you deliver?
A: We provide a very fast and efficient service. Our average turnaround is dispatch 5 - 7 working days after order. Our company policy is to aim to always dispatch within 14 days of order even in peak periods.

Q: Can I add my own products to my White Labelled Photography Print Shop?
A: Yes, subject to our agreement. Any we approve that we are not print fulfilling we would charge you a 10% transaction fee for orders made through the site.

Q: Can we visit the ASK offices?
A: Yes you can. Simply give us a call and we can arrange a meeting and show off our products. We also exhibit at 15 trade exhibitions and Road Shows a year all around the UK and Ireland where you can also meet us and see our products.

Q: How do I add Photos for Customers and create books for them?
A: This is a very simple process. You add a customer to your shop, add a photo gallery or galleries, which they can then use in books, canvas prints etc. and order online.

Q: How do I add Photos as an Event Photographer?
A: As an Administrator you can add as many Photo Albums as you like and set them to global. That way anyone can login and purchase them in any print product.

Q: Do you provide a Credit Card Payment facility?
A: Yes. This is all included free of charge with the fees built into the 33% Trade Discounted Prices we supply Prestige Account Holders with.

Q: How safe is my data?
A: We are registered under the Data Protection Act and backup our systems daily so your data is as safe as possible. We also have ISP level servers, encryption and firewalls. All the online storage of work you order on our platform is EU based (currently UK based), so complies with all EU photo storage regulations.

Q: Can The ASK Group design our photo book?
A: Our team of designers will lay out your photos for you. Howver our online designer is so easy to use that a novice can build a Photo Book in 10 minutes, and a professional in as little as 3 minutes.